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Adam Like Kajumi kicks Valášek out of "infidel" in Like House.  He collapsed and promised revenge

Adam Like Kajumi kicks Valášek out of “infidel” in Like House. He collapsed and promised revenge

Marek Valašek, pseudonym Dattel Although he was always considered one of the biggest strong men among the Czech YouTuber, in recent days he has acted like a sensitive soul. When it came to light that he was supposed to be in a relationship with contestant Barbora at the villa of the reality show Like House, he began to fall apart. Another influencer, Adam Kajumi, revealed in one of his videos that Datle cried even under the weight of emotions.

He criticized the fact that he had become close to Barra at the villa, although beautiful Nicole was waiting for him at home, Datel couldn’t stand it and after returning home from the villa for the weekend, he drew a thick line behind his relationship and hoped that everything would smooth out. Little did he know that Kajumi would be heard during his Instagram live broadcast that he was there when Datel alias Valášek was sleeping with Barbora at the villa.

Although Kajumi was supposed to say this in a joke, which should be clear from the record, Datla was upset with the madness and promised that Monday’s return to the villa would be difficult.

“Now several people have sent me a recording from the broadcast where Adam Kajumi says he was there when I was sleeping with Barra. Are you mocking me? What kind of person are you, impersonal, do you have a spine in the first place? Are you normal? I guarantee you that Monday arrival at the Lake House would be fun. Really pathetic, “ He disturbs Falashik in the video and adds that Adam Kagumi has disappointed him humanely.

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“You understand he doesn’t know, and in the flow, he says he was there when I slept with her, which is not true. You make me sad. Poverty. I’m sorry I was disappointed in someone I thought was normal, even if people hate him. I did a stupid thing once. I tried to change his mind about him, even though everyone hates him, and I give him a chance. I was disappointed. “ Woodpecker added, revealing part of a private conversation between him and Kajumi to show how special Kajumi could be.

“Whatever Adam says, do not believe him. He personally told me that he intentionally wanted to do things that could be dealt with. He intentionally wanted to remove the dirt that people wanted. He intentionally wanted to invent things that would harm people. This is Adam Kajumi.” The heartbreaking video of his woodpecker ended.

In the eyes of his fans, Datel is trying to act like a boss, primarily concerned with the mental health of his now expatriate. But Adam Kajumi emphatically told him that he was responsible for all speculation.

“The only defense against people who don’t think about it is not to give any hint. I don’t know if you sleep together or not, because I’m not in the room with you, but it’s your business anyway. If I have a girlfriend, I don’t want her to sleep with guys.” “Others in the room. If you don’t want people to think that, don’t do it. If you do that and then complain, I don’t understand at all.” He said to Datel Kagumi.

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It is also a question about whether these little and funny “problems” among the “influencers” of Czech Instagram were not caused on purpose, because the reality show Like House does not last. TV viewers do not even know these people, moreover, it is strange that the competitors in the villa are allowed to go home on the weekends and have access to their cell phones.

It’s just a bunch of kids from the internet, and most people have no idea what they are and what the whole reality show is for.