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Add on Chrome to run GBT chat wherever you are

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Monday, April 3, 2023 / 14:26

AI experts say that generative chatbot tools like ChatGPTP will automate normal aspects of work, but the most difficult part of using ChatGPT is having to manually enter prompts into a separate browser window.

Fortunately, several Chrome browser extensions solve this problem by allowing you to run GBT Chat in any tab. Not only that, but these extensions can pick up potential signals and provide contextual responses based on the contents of the webpage.

One such example is Merlin, a GPT-powered chatbot that works as an extension for the Chrome browser, providing actions such as creating summaries of search results, transcribing YouTube videos, crafting write-ups, and even creating responses using a GPT4 template, which is currently only available For users of GBT Chat Plus and Bing AI chatbot.

How to get Merlin extension for gpt chat on chrome

To get started, you need to install the Merlin Chrome extension in your web browser. Since it is a Chrome extension, it will only work with Chromium-based web browsers, including Google Chrome, Vivaldibe, Brave, Opera, and the like. It is not currently running on Microsoft Edge, although it is also based on Chromium.

Head to the dedicated Merlin page in the Chrome Web Store from your browser and click “Add to Chrome”. Another dialog will appear, warning you that Merlin can read your data on all websites. While this may be worrisome to some users, Merlin’s privacy policy states that it does not collect personal information such as your IP address, the contents of all web pages, and information about your device. However, it may collect information about prompts and any text you select on a chatbot website to provide relevant information.

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If these terms are acceptable to you, click “Add Extension” in the pop-up window to resume the installation process. Next, you will need to sign up with your Google account or email to start using GBT Chat via Merlin. Once you create an account or sign in to the extension, Merlin is set to work.

The most obvious benefit of Merlin is that you can claim to appear on any webpage (Google Docs is not supported at this time). You can bring up the extension by pressing Alt + M on a Windows PC or Command + M on a Mac.

You can also select a piece of text, right-click, and click the option that says “Give Merlin Context”. Instead, when you select any text on any web page, a small icon appears at the bottom in the right corner. Clicking it causes Merlin to pop up, showing you the selected text. In this dialog, you can enter your router in the text field at the top of the window while the results below are generated.

Note that Merlin is limited to 51 free queries per day, and each query using GPT4 consumes 10 credits at a time. The developer offers a paid version, starting at $19 for 1,000 queries per month, with plans going up to $119 for 12,000 queries per month.

Besides rewriting text, Merlin can be used for anything GPT Chat can do. Possible use cases include drafting emails, writing formulas for MS Excel or code for basic applications in different programming languages, and the like. All these inquiries are calculated from your daily quota, depending on the website Slush is on.

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