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Adele breaks the record for “Spotify” and expectations of 36 million views

Music channel Spotify announced that Adele’s song easy for me Or go easy on me, set a new record for streaming in one day beating a song ghee speak BTS.

Fox Business stated that the Spotify platform did not release the actual broadcast numbers, but expectations indicate 36 million views in less than 24 hours, compared to 11 million broadcasts of the song “Butter”, the previous world record holder on the platform, which was achieved on May 21.

Adele’s song topped the song list in the United States of America.

On the other hand, Adele insists that fans know that the song and the songs of the upcoming album are about her experience of her separation and divorce from her husband Simon Konecki.

The British singer tweeted that the album’s accomplishment had helped her through the most turbulent period of her life, and was like “work or die”.

She revealed that in her new songs, she tried to try new vocal layers, and feels that she has regained her sense and feelings again, and has reconstructed her conscience and heart, noting that she has become enjoying peace and serenity as she has never felt before in her life.

In the song, Adele asks her ex-husband and son to understand her feelings and her decision, “I changed my identity to put both of you first, but now I’m giving up.”

“That clear, frank moment gives me goosebumps,” she says.

Adele’s voice sounds shrouded in regret but also decisive, without a sense of guilt, for putting herself first, revealing, “I had good intentions, the highest hopes, but I know now, she may not show up.”

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The singer seems to be covering feelings of loneliness and pain, and she is trying to gather her heart and emotions to make her appear stronger.

The video promo was streamed 12 million times within 12 hours on YouTube.

The single comes just 5 weeks before her new album – which she promoted in a global marketing campaign that saw the expected 30 on buildings and billboards in Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Fans correctly guessed the November 19 release date when Taylor Swift moved the release date of her next album forward by a week, seemingly to avoid a clash with Adele.