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Aden.. The first Arab city visited by Elizabeth II 68 years ago

Aden.. The first Arab city visited by Elizabeth II 68 years ago

And she was Eden The first Arab city you visit The late Queen of Britain About two years after her accession to the throne, and that was in 1954, but the visit was not official.

On the morning of April 27 of that year, the city of Aden, which was then one of the British colonies, received the Queen Elizabeth II with her husband Prince Philipin a ceremony held at the port of the Directorate laziness Or what was known as “Steamer Point”, with a large military parade with musical instruments and in the presence of hundreds of Aden residents.

Royal Guard soldiers lined up along the quayside, saluting the young British queen, who was only thirty at the time, and she began to receive a number of leaders and symbols of Aden at the time, who came to welcome and welcome her, after she was received with wreaths of flowers presented by the students of Aden schools.

‘A miniature piece of Britain’

At the time, the Tawahi Directorate looked like a miniature piece of Britainwhere the anthropomorphic clock was like a clock.”Big BenIt is located at the top of the mountain overlooking the port, and along the view of visitors and visitors to the city, according to historians. In addition to the many monuments and models scattered in the district built by British colonialism for its symbols, including a stone model of Queen Victoria, the tourist pier, hotels and other buildings built in the British architectural style. The old ones, including the Crescent Hotel, the Rock Hotel, the Rock, and many others, most of which still exist today, while others have been tampered with and neglected.

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Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Aden did not last long, as a number of historians and those interested in the history of Aden assert that the visit lasted only one day, as stated in the book of the Aden historian Bilal Ghulam Hussein, who holds British citizenship.

During the day she spent in Aden, Queen Elizabeth II visited a number of places, hospitals, landmarks and projects implemented by Britain during that period, including the Basaheb Military Hospital, the “Republican” Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Aden Refineries, in addition to a number of British parks and companies, among others.

Historians and researchers in the history of Aden refer to official papers and documents that show the schedule of Queen Elizabeth’s visits on that day. These documents also indicate that part of the queen’s time was allocated to receiving a number of Aden’s symbols and deities.

Parking during the visit

Historian Bilal Ghulam enumerated some of the situations and events that accompanied Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Aden, including that a young Adeni named Mahmoud Mahfouz Ali was chosen to be the official driver to drive the private vehicle that carried Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Duke Philip during their visit to the city, in addition to the lottery for a female student in Fourth grader, Aisha Abdel Aziz, to present a bouquet of roses to the Queen.

According to Bilal Ghulam, a calligrapher student at the Commercial Institute named Ibrahim Khan was also chosen to write the message welcoming the Queen, using black ink, which won the approval of the Director of the Department of Education at the time, noting that only 44 of the veiled women of Aden were able to meet Queen Elizabeth in one of the gardens Sheikh Othman Directorate the same evening.

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It is noteworthy that the people of Aden and everyone who lived through that era enjoy writing those memories that they see as a golden age for Aden, even though it was a British colony for 129 years.