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Adjust for sporting events and trips

From the center of the Govt crisis to the safe reopening trailblazer: New York introduces the first U.S. vaccine passport in an attempt to return to normal. The digital pass will contain data on the vaccine, but also the results of experiments carried out by Kovit, and will serve as the key to entry into theaters and sports and cultural events. Built on the IBM operating system, the application is based on blockchain technology that allows users to respect the privacy of their health information. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo put forward the initiative he strongly desired, he said it was “time to turn the page.”

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The Excelsior Pass is actually considered the basic tool for restarting the state and especially New York City, which has turned off its lights due to the epidemic. While the virus is still circulating dangerously, turning them over now is not easy, even with the acceleration of vaccines. Immunization campaign on the Big Apple, the state’s economic machine andUnited States, Income: 30% of adults and at least 65 years of age have received the first vaccine, and the city administers 60 to 70,000 injections each day. At this rate, however, it is still several months to provide immunizations to the other seven million people, including children. Ethnic differences are of particular concern: whites and Asians are vaccinated at a much faster rate than African Americans and Hispanics, and both groups pay a high price for infection based on mortality and morbidity. Like vaccinating residents in affluent areas of the city very quickly.

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Beyond the complications, vaccines represent the only way to restart New York, causing hundreds of thousands of residents to be abandoned. Govt. If unavoidable, it will greatly complicate the return to default due to the decline in tax revenue, which has already jeopardized essential services such as the tunnel. Many are optimistic: to return to its old glory, Big Apple may focus on discounted rentals and other offers to attract young people and businesses again, which will trigger a good circle. Others are lower, due in part to the increase in tax burden. Despite being heavily taxed in the state of New York with California, officials are considering further tax hikes to make up for last year’s gap, with the risk of encouraging exits to Florida and Texas. .

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