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Admission dates set, high school students appeal to the deans

Admission dates set, high school students appeal to the deans

“We urge you to consider changing or adding terminology with a larger time gap between individual terms,” ​​says the text of students associated with the Association of High Schools in the capital, Prague. Prague and Federation of Czech Secondary Schools (ČSU).

They score cases where entrance examinations, both terms, conflict with GCSE in individual high schools – an example, according to high school students, is the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics (VŠE) in Prague with the GCSE at Karel Sladkovsk Grammar School in Prague.

“Again, like last year, there is a risk that one day high school students will pass the oral part of the school leaving exam in the school and the next day, for example on the other side of the Republic, they will pass the CSU President Victor René Schellke: ” University admission. “

They have an official high school diploma in Slovakia – more time for entrance exams

“At the same time, the current form of admission does not give us high school students sufficient time for proper preparation, mainly due to the postponement of the school year, which, among other things, favors college students, among other things, students,” he claims.

According to them, the point is precisely that Czech applicants are at a disadvantage, for example, compared to their Slovak peers who have officially acquired a high school diploma. “They have a lot of time and peace to prepare,” added Shelke.

The president of the Secondary Schools Association said, “Therefore, we suggest postponing the dates of the entrance exams to early June and July, and creating at least two possible dates between which there will be the largest possible time gap.” Tobiáš Tiele, with the fact that graduation dates and admission procedures often only have a few days or even overlap this year.

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According to representatives of high school students, the graduation and admission time is always a busy and very stressful period, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, concerns have increased.

“This is also because students still don’t know what the school-leaving exam looks like,” Shilke criticizes, adding that high school students also lost a large portion of their teaching last year, which he said they usually have to complete with self-study.

Some universities have already revised their deadlines, for example, the field of political science and international relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University (UK) in Prague has canceled the second round of exams and takes into account only remote Scio tests.

“On top of that, for example, Palacky University in Olomouc, where we met in person with the president of the university. We promised that they would keep adjusting the dates, so now they generally have at least larger time gaps between exams, but it varies greatly from college to college Other, “Schielke told Novinki.

University President: Universities are counting on him

In any case, state matura tests are being moved from the beginning of May to 24-26 May due to the epidemic. The special deadline for high school graduates who will be isolated during the regular exam period will be July 7-9.

In the past, university entrance exams were often held in the first half of June. According to Sklenika, president of the Czech University of Agriculture (CULS) in Prague, university rectors have already agreed to repeat the procedure from last year, when graduation deadlines were pushed back due to the pandemic.

“In the event that there is a conflict in a specific field in a specific field (graduation dates with entrance exams), the mayors have promised to announce another date for this field,” he said. According to him, the entrance exams will take place at least two dates, one of which will be, for example, by default in June and the other in the summer.

According to him, universities are also taking into account the fact that some students can only graduate after the entrance exams.

There was also talk of overlapping graduation and admission dates last year. Sklenička said at the time that some students were staggering their exam dates because they applied to more schools. He pointed out that this also happened in the past, because the dates for the entrance examinations are determined by each school separately. The candidate must then choose the person who is most important to him.