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Adrian Gastraban revealed that the screenwriter promised me Bedish would not end up on the street

Come from Bansk Pastries. how do we get there? Have you flown with a bunch around your neck around the board?
Nltal, because we lived with my grandfather and grandmother, and it was always dark looking for us. I wasn’t on the street, sometimes I was sorry. But we had a smirk. Behind the house there was a tennis kick, in the winter we were playing hockey at Nm. Not far from the board, the twin van was lit for the first time, so we just spent the evening on a light road and braked in front of the entrance. And a neighbor ran towards us, because on the way to the dsn clouds, we smashed sand on the ground.

It was a good childhood, the center of Slovakia is a beautiful area, and there are also good people. Svrzn, ale rovn. Rd, I also remember the gym, we might have been rockin ‘well, because we’ll be meeting soon. My friends helped me a lot with my first shutdown, which surprised me a little. Suddenly I didn’t know how to take my mother to Slovakia to get essential materials. So were my first comrades. Nobody wanted anything for it, and suddenly I was honored as a character, because I had the impression that everything worked just because I wanted it. And of course, ask for it.

Although it is sometimes difficult to fold a cart of charcoal for text, it is a beautiful craft.

Adrian Gastraban

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