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Advanced laboratories to support space sciences and a sensor center at Zayed University

Dr. Faris Hawari, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Zayed University, confirmed that the university has succeeded in establishing advanced laboratories to support space sciences, including a remote sensing laboratory and a multi-spectral laboratory.

It contains sensors that can see what the eye cannot see, and it is similar to those carried by satellites, and is used to conduct multiple experiments, including experiments on the Martian environment, indicating that they have developed a simulation and modeling room for the environment of Mars, which is being used to conduct a range of applied projects from By researchers and university students.

In addition to conducting experiments designed to describe the reactions of the application of gaseous components, solar flow and mass spectrometry, to analyze chemical compounds present in the room during the experiments.

Dr. Hawari told Al-Bayan that they are working at the university to develop the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing and Spectral Sciences, in order to analyze the data coming from the Hope probe, satellite images, and multispectral signals, pointing out that there is a package of projects at the university, which are funded in a regular manner. Direct from the Emirates Space Agency, which are pioneering projects, and contain international partnerships from the region and the world.

He added that what the UAE has achieved in the field of space science is among the many achievements it has achieved in all fields and sectors, noting that the projects that have been launched.

The latest of which was the new space mission to explore the planet Venus and the asteroid belt in the solar system, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai “may God protect him”, that will motivate students, enhance their concepts of innovation and leadership, and prepare They have an unparalleled opportunity to gain educational experience in the field of space sciences.

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In addition to supporting the link between the student and science, engineering and technology, which are among the pillars of space science, expressing his pride for the participation of a group of students last year, in research related to space science and remote sensing.


He stated that students in Zayed University laboratories are studying and conducting research on the landing sites of future spacecraft, which are expected to reach Mars, in addition to studying the climate and terrain of Mars, by studying computer models in a newly created room to model and simulate the Martian environment.

On their cooperation with bodies and institutions specialized in space sciences, Hawari said: Zayed University is cooperating with the Emirates Space Agency and national universities in the country in preparing applied studies on Mars exploration and managing various Earth resources, in addition to modifying study plans to keep pace with modern explorations. Revealing the start of work on expanding the Emirates Spectrum Library website, which was established by the Remote Sensing Group of the National Center for Health Sciences, in cooperation with the UAE Space Agency.

It aims to provide a platform to enable users to interact and access spectral information, derived using the spectrophotometer tool, and remote spectral sensing satellite data, which is important information for understanding the natural terrain.