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Aesthetic secrets that you learned from Nancy Ajram on the occasion of her birthday

Aesthetic secrets that you learned from Nancy Ajram on the occasion of her birthday

Nancy Ajram celebrates her birthday today, and she is still at the top of stardom in her singing field, and she is also still the inspiring artist for women in her distinctive aesthetic looks that resemble her personality. Nancy Ajram is one of the stars who have maintained an aesthetic identity of their own. As soon as we mention her name, we associate with her soft looks in terms of makeup and hairstyles, and of course with breaking the rule sometimes with these looks in clips or photo sessions, in addition to some recent tangible changes that she added to her style. .

On the occasion of Nancy Ajram’s birthday today, who turns 39, we are reviewing with you a set of her beauty secrets for inspiration.

Nancy Ajram’s makeup secrets

When we mention the name Nancy Ajram, this must be accompanied by the soft and natural makeup on her features. This identity has become synonymous with her since her artistic beginnings, a makeup that enhances her natural beauty and innocent features.

Thus, Nancy Ajram often relies on the make-up that is known as “No Makeup”“no-makeup makeup” It is one of the looks that the Lebanese star adores because it highlights her beauty away from the appearance of a visible amount of makeup, and it also highlights her beauty without any change in it, and the most important thing is that her skin has a healthy and fresh appearance. This is one of the secrets of the success of her makeup and its perfect appearance without any impurities. This makeup also relies on neutral, earthy colors in a smoky style, i.e. in skin tones. As for the maximum colors that she usually applies, they are like brown, bronze and golden colors. Nancy prefers to stay away from harsh lines in eye makeup in favor of smoky and dusty makeup.

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However, this did not prevent Nancy Ajram from surprising her fans this year by keeping pace with bold aesthetics that befit her features, such as the graphic eyeliner in her video clip “One hundred and fifty”, and also to appear with the cry of prominent lip contour, and burgundy lipstick in one of her looks.

Secrets of Nancy Ajram’s hair

With simple and soft hairstyles, Nancy Ajram returns to us on most of the occasions that she appears on. Wavy hairstyles are topped by light waves and the side difference at the front of the head. The most important thing in the secrets of the beauty of her hair is that she maintains the length of her hair at an average level at the shoulders. These haircuts make her vital. And younger than her age. She is also good at choosing vibrant hair colors that suit her skin and eyes and also keep pace with the broad fashion lines, such as the ombre hair colors combined between light brown and hazel shades, and medium-sharp brown colors with one tone.

As for the hairstyles, she chooses drop-down hairstyles with soft aesthetic touches, such as thin braids at the front of the head, along with half-lift hairstyles and wet hairstyles.

View through the photos a group of Nancy Ajram’s beauty looks and discover her favorite style for her birthday today.

Nancy Ajram’s attached photos from her Instagram account.