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Afforestation works.  In twenty years, Czech television has recreated a region the size of France - T24

Afforestation works. In twenty years, Czech television has recreated a region the size of France – T24

According to a new analysis, an area of ​​forest the size of France has been naturally replenished worldwide since 2000. This is enough forest to store the equivalent of 5.9 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide, more than the annual emissions in the United States.

“These numbers show us the tremendous potential of natural habitats to restore when given the opportunity.” John Lotusbisch, CEO of the Trillion Trees Project, who works with the World Wide Fund for Nature, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society, said this is no excuse for any of us to wait for it to happen. that.

The places where forests currently grow can be found all over the world. For example, in the northwestern region of Beijing, the Chinese government has started large-scale afforestation after it found out how effective it was to prevent sandstorms from damaging the city. Another positive example is the authors of the research as the northwestern part of Brazil, where a more cautious approach to agriculture has revived forested areas.

Recovery works, but it isn’t enough

As these examples indicate, reforestation is caused by a number of factors that differ in different parts of the planet. Some factors are unclear, some were the result of better forest management, while others were natural – the habit of regeneration after wildfires.

China, in turn, is a testament to how national projects trying to improve the quality of nature can help forests.

although Message It confirms many successes, and in no way reduces the problem of large-scale deforestation. Many areas, such as the forests along Brazil’s east coast, have seen a major revival in the past, but are still much smaller than their historical range.

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Aside from these regeneration areas, deforestation continues for many of the world’s major environmental causes. Restoring forest islands in and of itself will not solve the broader problem of climate change or deforestation, but this report shows that reforestation can have a positive impact on nature.

“The science is clear: if we want to avoid dangerous climate change and avoid the loss of nature, we must stop deforestation and restore natural forests,” said William Baldwin Cantelo of the WWF. “We’ve known for a long time that natural reforestation is often cheaper and better for biodiversity than actively planted forests. This research tells us where and why recovery is taking place and how we can recreate these conditions elsewhere,” adds Baldwin-Cantell.

“But we can’t take this regeneration for granted – deforestation still takes millions of hectares each year, which is many times more than what is being restored. If we want to use the potential of forests as a climate solution, we need support for regeneration and we have to deal with the drivers of deforestation. The expert warns.