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Afghan mayor calls Britain’s decision to work with Taliban a ‘disappointing failure’

The British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, published an interview with the Afghan Mayor of Wardak, Zarifa Ghafari, in which she commented on the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s announcement of his country’s readiness to work with Taliban groupShe described it as a “disappointing and disappointing failure”.

Ghafari asked Wallace if he would prevent his daughter from getting an education or from fighting for her country, her national identity, her rights and her dreams.

Zarifa Ghafari

Ghafari pointed out that the Taliban did not and will not change, pointing out that it I quickly took control of a border crossing Important between Afghanistan and Pakistan immediately after the withdrawal of British and American forces from the country.

Ben Wallace had announced that Britain would deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan If you enter the government and respect human rights.

“Whatever government is in place, the British government will cooperate with it provided that it respects some international standards,” the minister said, in an interview published on Wednesday by The Telegraph.

“But as happens with other governments in the world, if they act seriously inconsistent with human rights, we will reconsider our relationship,” he added.

The British Defense Minister admitted that the prospects for cooperation with the Taliban could raise controversy, especially since 457 British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, but “all peace operations require compatibility with the enemy.”

The foreign forces present in Afghanistan for 20 years as part of the US-led coalition under the auspices of NATO, began in early May. Its final withdrawal from the country is expected to be completed by the end of August.

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Because of that withdrawal, the Taliban, who held power from 1996 to 2001, launched an offensive two months ago against Afghan forces that allowed them to control vast rural areas. The movement says it controls 85% of the territory of Afghanistan.

The rebels recently took control of important border posts with Iran, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, as well as several areas in the provinces adjacent to Kabul, which raised fears that they would attack the capital soon and its airport, which is the only exit gateway from the city for foreign nationals.