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After 13 years, 'Avatar 2' expands the world of Pandora

After 13 years, ‘Avatar 2’ expands the world of Pandora

The stars of the second part of the movie “Avatar” confirmed that the latest movie in the series will focus on the topic of protecting the family and expand the scope of the world of Pandora that has attracted audiences for more than ten years.
James Cameron’s “Avatar: Water Road” is scheduled to be released in cinemas in December, and Walt Disney has preempted the release of the film by releasing an improved version of the 2009 original in cinemas starting Friday, Sky News Arabia reported.
The first “Avatar” movie focused on the battle for control of natural resources between human colonists and the blue-skinned Na’phi people on a moon called Pandora.
Starring Sam Worthington said the sequel highlights how his character Jake Sully, as well as the character Nitri, played by Zoe Saldana, develop as parents working to keep their family out of harm’s way.
“This love story has evolved, we now have a family and to be honest, for me, the film is about protecting your family,” he added.
The original movie “Avatar” topped the list of the highest-grossing films with more than $2.8 billion worldwide. Cameron plans to release four more films in the series through 2028.
When asked if she knows why Cameron took so long to make a sequel, Saldana said, “It’s his way of working.”
She added, “He is a professional artist. He takes his time and delves into his research.”

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