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After 20 years of research… an astronomer reveals shocking facts about astronomy and astrology

An Egyptian space scientist working for an international space agency named Dr. Essam Hajji detonated a heavy-caliber surprise related to horoscopes and their impact on people’s lives, accusing astrologers of lying and deceit.

Hajji confirmed in a tweet to him on Twitter, which he published on the first day of 2023, that as a researcher in the field of space sciences and astronomy, a specialist working in an international space agency, and a university professor for more than 20 years in the study of planets and moons, there are no constellations and they have no influence or effect. Planets on your love and professional life.

He pointed out that astrologers have no ability to predict anything other than your tendency to believe their lies every year.

A flag that cannot be ignored

The Egyptian scientist’s words about the lies of astrologers and the influence of horoscopes shocked some of the pioneers of social networking sites, considering that the science of horoscopes is valid and cannot be ignored.

And one of them wrote: “It is true, the science of horoscopes – unlike what is known – is an ancient science and is based on very complex and accurate calculations, and is very, very old.. It is not useful to deny it just because we are ignorant of it..Our Lord, with more than one site in the Qur’an, I swear by the positions of the stars.”

Another commented: “Since you are in America…do you deny the impact of Pluto’s return on America’s astronomical map on America’s situation in general?”

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And one of them mentioned: “Let me disagree with you, Doctor..This is unscientific and unfair generalization..and it is blind to clear scientific if there are some towers that have tangible and tangible effects on human life..the iconic tower in the Administrative Capital, for example.” “.

The astronomer’s talk about horoscopes and astrology coincides with what astrologers launch at the beginning of each year, with what they call “new year expectations.”

Some astrologers try to link the relationship of people with each other and the extent of success or failure of marital and emotional relationships with planets and constellations, bearing in mind that these matters are among the unseen matters that only God knows.

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