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بعد 95 عاما.. ميكى ماوس يغادر ديزنى بسبب حقوق الملكية

After 95 years, Mickey Mouse is leaving Disney because of copyright

The character “Mickey Mouse” Disney may soon leave, with the end of the exclusive rights of some characters to the giant American company, 95 years after the character appeared in 1928, according to the Guardian newspaper.

As a result of US copyright law, entertainment giant Disney may soon lose the exclusive rights to some of the characters most responsible for global brand recognition, including Mickey Mouse, who serves as a milestone in Disney’s career.

Mickey Mouse will become royalty-free in 2024, approximately 95 years after its appearance on October 1, 1928, the period of time after which the copyright of an anonymous or anonymous artwork expires.

Lawyer Daniel Maeda says the copyright lapse does not come without restrictions.

He added: “You can now use a Mickey Mouse character as it was originally created to create your own Mickey Mouse stories or stories with that character but if you do it in a way that people think of Disney which is somewhat likely because they have invested in this character for so long in theory, Disney can say you infringed my copyright.”

Mickey Mouse first appeared in the groundbreaking black and white animation Steamboat Willie for its use of synchronized sound where on-screen movements matched music and sound effects, resulting in one of the most iconic images in film and television.

According to the National Museum of American History: “Over the years, Mickey Mouse has gone through many transformations in his physical appearance and personality. In his early years, the evil and mischievous Mickey looked more like a rat, with a long, pointy nose, black eyes, a small body and a long tail.”

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