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After a deafening silence.. the Ukrainian flag flies north of Kherson

After a deafening silence.. the Ukrainian flag flies north of Kherson

After long days of silence and secrecy about the counter-attack carried out by the Ukrainian forces in the south of the country, especially in Kherson, against the Russian forces, Kyiv began to unveil some field details.

During the past hours, a number of Ukrainian officials have published pictures of soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag over the town of North and South Kherson, which was controlled by Russian forces since the first days of the outbreak of battles last February (2022).

Pictures and videos spread like wildfire on social media, some of which show three soldiers raising the yellow and blue flag in Visokopila, north of Kherson.

Two towns in the south and one in the east

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced in his nightly speech. “His forces expelled the Russians from two towns in the south and one in the east, without specifying those locations,” according to Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday.

However, the Ukrainian General Staff announced in an update yesterday evening that its forces repelled the Russian forces in an unspecified area near Kramatorsk, a major town in the eastern Donetsk region.

Photo circulated from North Kherson


It is noteworthy that Kyiv had launched a few days ago what it called a counter-attack in order to repel the Russians and expel them from the south and the eastern regions as well, after Moscow launched the second phase of its military operation last March, and took control of several towns in the Donbass region.

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However, the Ukrainian military has kept its new operation under wraps, preventing journalists from reaching the front lines.

On the other hand, Russia was content to confirm that it repelled the Ukrainian attacks in Kherson, but the most prominent indication of the correctness of this Ukrainian counterattack, the local authorities in Kherson, appointed by the Russians, announced the postponement of a previously scheduled referendum for the town to join Russia, due to the security situation there. .

These field developments come as the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory has entered its seventh month, amid expectations that it will last more, while tension escalates between the West and Moscow, especially after the latter cut the gas pipeline to many European countries.