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After a mysterious glitch, a Malaysian satellite fell from space to burn up in the Earth's atmosphere

After a mysterious glitch, a Malaysian satellite fell from space to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere

Getting ready Satellite Malaysian to fall close to outer space to burn in Earth’s atmosphere After a mysterious “glitch” it suffered in its orbit on the third of last June.

According to the space website, the approximately 15-year-old communications satellite Measat-3 suffered an incomprehensible problem on June 21, which led to the disruption of service, and it was brought under ground control on June 24 but has not worked since then. According to updates from the company, with the satellite out of operation and the “root cause” still being investigated by Mesat and satellite maker Boeing, Mesat said on August 6 that it was decided to take the satellite out of orbit.

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The company said: “Additional testing and recovery efforts have found that the satellite cannot enter service again and will be de-orbited in the coming weeks, but the company has not yet released the exact timing of when it plans to bring down the Mesat-3.

ExoAnalytic indicated that there is no debris around the Misat-3 satellite that may have collided with it and caused the problem, in addition to the fact that the satellite is not in danger of colliding with any other space object, and a later report from August 11 indicated that the satellite may have It ran out of fuel earlier than expected in its geosynchronous orbit.

MISAT-3 was launched on December 11, 2006 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the same launch center where the Soyuz spacecraft periodically sends crews to the International Space Station. The spacecraft serves more than 100 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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