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After a sensation she caused on the communication sites, the artist Ahlam announces her arrival in Abu Dhabi (video)


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Artist Ahlam

After a great controversy raised on the communication sites, the Emirati artist, Ahlam, announced her departure from the State of Kuwait and her arrival in Abu Dhabi, after facilitating her travel procedures and leaving the country by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry.

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Fahd Al-Kubaisi responds to Ahlam and narrates the details of his exit from Kuwait

And on her account on Twitter, Ahlam posted a video clip in which she said: “We have arrived in Abu Dhabi, praise be to God.. Greetings to you from my heart.. I like the first thing that I thank my country, the UAE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and His Excellency Dr. Matar Al Neyadi, our ambassador in my second country, Kuwait.” For their facilitation of the procedures for my exit and departure.. My second country is Kuwait.. Praise be to God, we have arrived in Abu Dhabi, God does not deprive me of you. .Thanks”.

The Emirati artist, Ahlam, had expressed her strong dissatisfaction with the discrimination in the treatment she received by the Kuwaiti authorities, after she was prevented from leaving the country due to being in the quarantine period, while Qatari singer Fahd Al-Kubaisi was allowed to leave at the same time.

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior had announced earlier that an immediate investigation committee had been formed regarding the entry and departure of a Gulf artist without adhering to the imposed quarantine procedures.

Source: RT