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After a separation that did not last two weeks, Tamer Hosni meets his ex-wife, Basma

The Egyptian star, Tamer Hosni, met his ex-wife, Basma Bousil, for the first time after their divorce, at the birthday party of their daughters, Amaya and Talia, in an atmosphere of compliments that also brought together friends.

Basma documented the ceremony by posting several videos and photos via the Al-Astori feature on her account on the social networking site Instagram, and Tamer appeared in one of the videos while carrying his daughter, while Basma carried their son and danced behind the candy bar to the tunes of the Egyptian star’s song “Happy New Year.”

The video spread widely on social media, where internet pioneers praised the healthy relationship that brought them together for the sake of their children after the divorce, while some focused on the case of Tamer Hosni, and considered that he was not comfortable and happy, but rather trying to show that, unlike Basma completely.
The star, Tamer Hosni, and his ex-wife, the retired artist, Basma Bousil, were keen to congratulate their two daughters, Talia and Amaya, on the occasion of their birthday, and each party was keen to refer to the second, using the same words and pictures, and placing many red hearts.
Basma Bousil celebrated her two daughters’ birthday by publishing a picture of them with a T-shirt bearing the image of their father, Tamer Hosni; Through the “Story” feature on the “Instagram” website.
Tamer Hosni republished Basma Bousil’s “Astori” after she referred to him in it, and commented: “Happy New Year, my beloved heart..May God bless you for me and the most beautiful Mama Basma in the world.”

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