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بعد سلسلة من الأزمات.. منى السابر تحسم قضيتها مع ابنتها أخيرًا

After a series of crises, Mona Al-Saber finally settles her case with her daughter ابنته

Mona Al-Saber, the mother of the young Bahraini actress Hala Al-Turk, caused a sensation through a long publication in which she revealed the fate of her case with her daughter, the artist Hala Al-Ter.

This came after the expiry of the second period granted by the Bahraini judiciary to collect the disputed amount, which is worth 20,000 Bahraini dinars, or approximately $53,000, according to (her).

Al-Saber announced, through a video clip, through her account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), the issuance of the final verdict against her, and commented: “Life is experiences, and situations reveal to us who they are and what are the intentions of some people. I have all who serve divine justice.”

And she continued, “Above all, thank you, God. I thank the Bahraini judiciary, which is fair and just, which looked into my case and took into account my circumstances, and that I am a custodian of my son Abdullah. I thank lawyer Sheikha Salwa Al-Khalifa for her support, generosity, good manners and noble positions … and all the workers And all her staff, years with me, worked very hard, I am grateful to you.”

She thanked the advisor, Ruba Al-Khaled, “who was and still supports and supports everyone who was exposed to such situations. She was like a sister and a friend, and her position changed many balances on a personal level, and I thank the montage team for the wonderful gift. I am grateful to you from the heart and for your presence and support for me.”

In turn, Chancellor Raba commented on the clip, saying: “Finally, thanks to God, joy visited your home, and your distress was relieved from the prison sentence for a year.”

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