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After an absence of 12 years… “Tash Ma Tash” returns in Ramadan

The series “Tash Ma Tash”, one of the most famous Saudi comedy series, returns in the Ramadan 2023 drama season, after a period of about 12 years, since the presentation of the 18th part of it in 2011.

And the head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, published a picture of the artists Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan, the hero of the series, via “Twitter”, saying: “Preparing for the next Ramadan, with the giant mbc and sponsored by entertainment.”

For his part, Al-Sadhan expressed his hopes that the 19th part will be admired by the audience, saying: “We hope that Tash’s return will be to the good opinion of the viewers, and those who bear this responsibility.”

“Tash Ma Tash” was launched for the first time in 1993, on Saudi TV, before it was shown on “mbc” in 2006, in conjunction with the 14th part, where it achieved great success, as it discussed the social issues of Saudi society in a comic way.

The famous comedy series was discontinued in 2008, at the end of the 15th part, and the comedy series “We are all children of a village”, starring Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan, was shown in its place, before the original work returned again in 2009.

Over the course of its previous parts, the series was filmed in several countries besides Saudi Arabia, including the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and India, in addition to the United States, Britain and the Czech Republic.

The staff had used the audience to write episodes of the series since the eighth season, and set rewards for each idea, as there were prizes for the best 3 ideas, the value of the first prize is 25 thousand riyals, the second is 15 thousand, and the third is 10 thousand.

The staff also hired some writers, novelists and journalists to write the series’ episodes since the third season, including Abdullah Bakheet, Nasser Al-Azzaz, Muhammad Al-Tawyan and Khalaf Al-Harbi.

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