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After an absence that lasted for years.. Ahmed Eid returns with 3 artworks |  art

After an absence that lasted for years.. Ahmed Eid returns with 3 artworks | art

The Egyptian actor Ahmed Eid’s return to the artistic scene is imminent, after announcing his participation in the play “Kidnapped My Woman and Greetings to You”, in addition to his participation with Nelly Karim in the series “Nadra Currency”, which began filming last week, and the movie “The Devil Shater”.

The lyricist Adel Salama had announced the participation of Ahmed Eid in the theatrical performance “I kidnap my wife and you have my greetings”, which is being held as part of the activities of the Riyadh season, where he shares the championship with Ahmed Badir.

Eid embodies in the play the character of Hassan, a husband who is forced to live in the house of his wife’s father, the miser and exploitative man, and all the time he wishes to live away from him, so he agrees with his wife to act that a gang kidnapped her and demanded a ransom from her father.

Ahmed Eid.. an absence of 8 years

After an absence of 8 years, during which Ahmed Eid did not appear on the small screen in Egypt, he recently announced his participation in the series “Nadra Currency” to play the starring role opposite Nelly Karim, provided that the work will be shown in the month of Ramadan 2023.

The events of the series “Nadra Currency” take place in Upper Egypt, and Ahmed Eid, through the series, moves away from the comedic color that he was famous for in his works.

And “A rare coin” starring Nelly Karim, Gamal Suleiman, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Kamal Abu Rayya and Hisham Ashour, and it was written by Medhat Al-Adl, directed by Mando Al-Adl, and produced by Jamal Al-Adl.

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The series “His Excellency” was the last drama presented by Eid in Egypt, with the star Adel Imam in Ramadan 2014, while he participated in the Saudi series “Breakthrough 2”, which was shown in 2021.

The “Satan Shater” crisis

In addition to the play “I kidnap my wife, and you have my greetings” and the series “His Excellency”, the Egyptian actor also contracted to participate in the movie “The Devil is a good person”.

The film is the fourth collaboration between Ahmed Eid and screenwriter Louay Al-Sayed, for whom he previously wrote films such as “Rami Al-Etasami”, “Japanese Asli” and “Khalawis”.

Successes and absences

The return of Ahmed Eid in television, theater and cinema represents a re-test for his fans, as his star rose at the beginning of the millennium after Fathi Abdel Wahhab and Ahmed Rizk participated in the movie “Cultural Film”, which at the time achieved great success, after which he obtained absolute heroism in works that achieved him. Great masses and popularity, such as “The Night of the Fall of Baghdad” in 2006, “Stay in your life”, “I am not with them” and “Rami Al-I’tisami”.

In 2012, he presented the movie “Good Luck” and then the series “Saheb Al-Saada” two years later, to be absent from the scene since then.

And after Ahmed Eid was leading a cinematic business tournament, he began to appear shyly in some works in posts that did not achieve any significant success for him, so he appeared in the movie “Khalawis” in 2018, and the Saudi series “Breakthrough 2” in 2021, before his participation was announced. In more than one work for the show with 2023, which seems to be witnessing his artistic breakthrough.

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