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After announcing their divorce, Mutasem Al-Nahar’s wife breaks her silence

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Lynn Bringkji – the divorced artist Mutasem Al-Nahar – broke her silence, and wrote words through her official account on the Instagram application, alluding to her divorce, which caused controversy during the recent period.

Mutasim Al-Nahar’s ex-wife wrote, via Instagram: “We only survive thanks to God’s kindness and grace. Praise be to God for what has passed, and praise be to God for what we are now, and praise be to God for what is to come. Oh God, praise be to you until you are satisfied, and praise be to you before satisfaction, and praise be to you after contentment.” ».

This comes after the MBCTrending program broadcast a video report on its official account on the Instagram application, in which it confirmed the divorce between the artist, Moatasem Al-Nahar, and his wife, Lin Berengkji, after the news of their separation during the recent period.

The announcers of the MBCTrending program said that the divorce was officially signed between Mutasem Al-Nahar and his wife, Lin Berengkaji, after each of them deleted the photos they collected, and unfollowed the other.

The crisis of Mutasem Al-Nahar and his wife

This comes after Lynn Bringkji, the wife of Syrian artist Moatasem Al-Nahar, sparked controversy on Saturday, after the audience was surprised by the disappearance of her husband’s photos from her account on Instagram, which raised speculation about his separation from her or the existence of differences between them, after rumors of her divorce spread.

Returning to the documented “Bringkji” page on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, it was found that she had deleted all the photos they collected with her husband.

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