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بعد اختياره ضمن الأجمل عالميا.. "شاطئ النيزك" درة مدينة مرسى علم

After being chosen among the most beautiful in the world .. “Meteor Beach”, the pearl of Marsa Alam city

Lonely Planet, the famous Australian website, has highlighted seven beaches in the Egyptian tourist destination that tourists must enjoy during their visit to Egypt, under the title “The Seven Best Beaches in Egypt .. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.” Among those beaches is the meteorite in Marsa Alam.

The story of the beach and the fall of a block from space:

Al Nayzak Beach, or the lake as it is called by the people of Marsa Alam, is one of the city’s landmarks, and most tourism companies organize daily trips, as it resembles a swimming pool, but naturally the water depth does not exceed 8 meters.

It is called the Meteor Lake among the locals, that it was called by this name as it was circulated that there was a lone meteorite that hit that area, as it was in the past a straight beach before it took the form of a natural swimming pool, and that the space meteor that struck that area caused the isolation of a certain area and made it like a lake Small separated from the sea, and that’s what rumors about their ancestors.

The Meteor Lake is characterized by the fact that its water temperature is appropriate to the seasons, as it is cold in summer and warm in winter.

Meteor Lake in Marsa Alam

Al Nayzak Beach is among the best beaches of the Red Sea
Al Nayzak Beach is among the best beaches of the Red Sea

Nayzak area in Marsa Alam
Nayzak area in Marsa Alam