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After denying Shakira's betrayal, a camera monitors Pique with a blonde woman

After denying Shakira’s betrayal, a camera monitors Pique with a blonde woman

after separation Barcelona star Gerard Pique On his partner, Colombian singer Shakira, he was spotted with a blonde woman enjoying an evening.

Pique never commented on the subject of his breakup, strongly denying his infidelity, and disappeared for a while until he was first photographed with a blonde girl.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Pique traveled to Stockholm to attend the international summit entitled “Wonderful Minds”, where successful personalities from around the world meet.

Katrin Zytomirsk, a Swedish blogger who attended the event, confirmed that Pique was in the company of a blonde girl. Businesswoman Catherine added: “He wore a black hoodie like everyone else, because it was a very special party. He met singer Alisha Keys, model Naomi Campbell, actor Edward Norton, big business and influencers, but the blonde with him was still unknown…”.

The separation after an 11-year relationship that resulted in two children came as a shock to many people. The couple had already separated a few months before the official announcement, according to Spanish media.

On the other hand, the Colombian singer’s family filed a complaint with the local police in Barcelona because of the harassment she is being subjected to in her home, where she lives with her two sons Milan and Sasha.

Shakira’s brother filed a complaint with the police about the harassment of his sister and her two sons. A fan of Russian origin left a letter in dye on the street across from the house, expressing his love for her and his willingness to marry her immediately, while another person opens the mailbox and deposits a daily letter to her.

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Shakira continues to stay at home until guardianship arrangements for the boys are completed and has requested the presence of her family to support her in these difficult times.