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After embarrassing him in the Italian league .. the German defender takes revenge on Ronaldo in the European Nations


German left back Ruben Gosens won the award for the best player in his country’s match with Portugal, to avenge the best way from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gossens was crowned the best player in the match that brought the two teams together last Saturday for the second round of Group F in the European Nations Cup, after he performed a distinguished performance, as the left front was the worst nightmares for the Portuguese team throughout the match.

Gossens contributed to Germany’s 4-2 victory, scoring a goal and making another, and was the reason for another goal that Portugal defender Robin Diach scored by mistake.

Goosense takes revenge on Ronaldo

Some considered that Gossens took revenge in the Germany-Portugal match in the best way from Ronaldo, who had previously embarrassed him.

Atalanta defender Gossens has a story with Portugal and Juventus star Ronaldo, when they met in the Italian league in 2019, and the “Don” dealt with the immersed German player at the time with a great kind of arrogance that insulted him.

Gossens said about that incident a few months before the start of the European Nations Cup, that Ronaldo put him in an embarrassing situation, when he refused to give him his shirt after the end of the match between their two teams in 2019.

The German player explained: “After the match against Juventus, I tried to fulfill my dream of getting Ronaldo’s shirt, and I went to him after the final whistle. I didn’t even go to the crowd to celebrate (the 3-0 win). But Ronaldo did not accept my request. He did not look at me and only said : No”.

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And he continued: “I felt really embarrassed, in that moment when something embarrassing happens to you, you look around to see if someone noticed it, I tried to hide it then.”

Source: +RT