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After guardianship is lifted... Britney Spears regains her property and thanks those who "saved her life"

After guardianship is lifted… Britney Spears regains her property and thanks those who “saved her life”

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American pop star Britney Spears does not hide her happiness in her new life after a 13-year guardianship of her property, which ended under a court ruling issued this week, and enabled her to recover her possessions from a car, bank card and money estimated at $60 million. She thanked her supporters in her long court battle, saying, “I honestly think you guys somehow saved my life.”

After a 13-year guardianship of her property, she finally regained her freedom, the American pop star did not hide Britney Spears She was happy with her new life, and offered her fans her plan for this life in the future.

Spears posted a video clip on her Twitter and Instagram accounts in which she spoke of her desire to become an “advocate for people with real disabilities” and her hope that her story would have the effect of “changing a corrupt system.”

It’s the simple things that make big changes, she said, adding that she is now grateful for every day she enjoys her freedom after having her “car keys”, bank card and money back and “being able to live an independent life and feel like a woman”.

Britney’s personal life and fortune of $60 million was under her father’s tutelage for 13 years until the court terminated this guardianship last week after a protracted legal dispute.

In her post, Britney thanked her fans and the #FreeBritney movement that was founded to support her, and said, “I honestly think you guys saved my life in some way.”

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FRANCE 24/Reuters