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هاني البحيري وحنان مطاوع

After Hanan Mutawa’s dress, Hani Al-Behairi is considering launching pharaonic fashion for boys and men | news

Fashion designer Hani El-Behairy revealed his desire to present a collection of pharaonic fashion for boys and men.

During his hosting of the program “The Women Don’t Know They Lie,” Hani Al-Behairi said: “I will not say that I am the pharaoh of fashion, but I was keen to tell the whole world that I am Egyptian, that our fashion is very sweet, and that we, as pharaohs, began to be strong.”

He added: “The pharaonic costume is characterized by being all real stones and decorated with gold and jewelry, and I am keen in every fashion show, I present a pharaonic costume over the years. Today, if I present a group of pharaonic fashion for boys, men, girls and women, I will present more than 60 or 70 pieces.”

And he continued, “It is possible once we imitate Nefertiti, and once we imitate Queen Cleopatra, and we imitate every era of the Pharaohs. For example, once he was in a dress of white cloth all like the pharaonic walls engraved on it.”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Hanan Mutawa, starred last October in a royal pharaonic dress designed by Hani Al-Behairi, which she appeared in a heritage fashion show held on the sidelines of the Our Heritage exhibition, and won the admiration of the followers.


The program “Al-Satat Ma’arfush Yakdboa” will be shown at 3 pm from Saturday to Wednesday via CBC, and it is presented by media professionals Iman Ezzedine, Heba Al-Abasiri, and Mona Abdel-Ghani.

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