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After HIMARS, America supports Ukraine with the "NASMAS" air system

After HIMARS, America supports Ukraine with the “NASMAS” air system

This is the first confirmation that Ukraine has obtained a system (nasams) which Kyiv has long sought to obtain and which Washington agreed to provide to it late last month.

According to the transcript of the interview in English, Zelensky said, “We absolutely need the United States to show leadership and to give Ukraine air defense systems. I want to thank President (Joe) Biden for a positive decision that has already been made“.

“But believe me, it is not even enough to cover the civilian infrastructure – schools, hospitals, universities and homes of Ukrainians,” he said.“.

Characteristics of the NASMAS air system

  • A medium-range air defense system jointly designed and developed by Raytheon and Kongsberg.
  • Radar and launcher elements can be deployed over a large area separated from each other by a distance of more than 20 km.
  • The missile system can engage 72 targets simultaneously with an accuracy of 91 percent.
  • This system can be deployed to detect, track, engage and destroy fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles andDrones.
  • The system features a 360-degree defensive capability and is suitable for day and night operations.
  • The system is designed to operate in all weather conditions, whether tropical or desert conditions.
  • The missile system is intended to protect sensitive sites and large population centers from air threats.
  • Since 2005 the missile system has been installed NASAMS To provide protection for Washington, D.C., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Zelensky also thanked Biden for delivering the missile system to his country himars and other Rocket launchers Multiple nozzles that enable Ukraine to advance in areas controlled by Russian forces.

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Ukraine launched counter-attacks this month to liberate large parts of the territory in the region Kharkiv in the northeast of the country. And achieved field gains in the south of the country as well.