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After his fierce attack on her, Yasmine Sabry reveals the nature of her relationship with her father

Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry revealed the nature of her relationship with her father, after his separation from her mother, after his recent statements in which he attacked her for not attending her brother’s wedding.

And Yasmine Sabry said during her meeting on the “abtalks” program, broadcast on YouTube: “My grandmother and my grandfather raised me, my grandmother was six strong, and my mother was a swimming champion, and they let me train and play swimming since I have 4 years.”

And she added: “I did not have the luxury of time, and there was intensity and commitment to myself in sports, and even if I could not hit the slippers, I loved it, and my childhood was my love, and my relationship with my mother is everything in my life. She traveled and there was a separation from me and I have two years.

And Yasmine Sabry continued: “There is no relationship with my father, and this is not because of the separation. Every day, a grocery store is a choice, and people choose to complete the path and take responsibility, and there are people who choose themselves or whatever, and separation does not mean the family disintegrates, on the contrary, this remains a choice.”

Ashraf Sabry, head of the Association for Diving and Conservation of the Marine Environment in Alexandria, launched a sharp attack on his daughter, artist Yasmine Sabry, and her mother and sisters, because of their refusal to attend their brother’s wedding.

It is reported that the latest work of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, is the series “Second Chance” Ramadan 2020, with the stars: Ahmed Magdy, Nihal Anbar, Ayten Amer, Diab, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi and others, treating the drama of Mohamed Sayed Bashir, written by Mustafa Jamal Hashem, directed by Mark Adel, and produced by Synergy Company.

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