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بعد إصابته.. نيمار فى رسالة للشعب البرازيلي: لم أحصل على شيء سهل بحياتي

After his injury, Neymar sent a message to the Brazilian people: I have not had anything easy in my life

Neymar da Silva, the star of the Brazilian national team, published a message to the Brazilian people, after the injury he suffered during the Serbia match, which will make him miss the match against Switzerland in the Qatar World Cup 2022, and there are doubts about his participation against Cameroon.

And it was confirmed that the star Neymar was absent from the next Brazil match against Switzerland in the group stage of the World Cup due to his suffering from the injury he suffered during the confrontation with Serbia, which the Seleçao won in his favor with two free goals.

Neymar said on his Facebook page: “The pride and love I feel for wearing the shirt is inexplicable. If God gives me the opportunity to choose a country, it will be Brazil.”

He added, “I haven’t had anything in my life that has been easy. I always had to chase my dreams and goals. You don’t wish evil on anyone, and we want to help those in need.”

And he continued: “Today has become one of the most difficult moments in my career, and again in the World Cup I have an injury. Yes, it is boring, it will hurt, but I am sure that I will have the opportunity to return because I will do my best to help my country and my colleagues.”

And the Brazilian newspaper “Giglobo” confirmed that the player will miss the entire group stage matches after suffering a severe ankle injury, as a result of which he was unable to complete the national team’s match against Serbia.

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Neymar left due to his injury 10 minutes before the end of the match, after he felt severe pain in the ankle, so Manchester United star Anthony played as his replacement..