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After his retirement.. these are the 5 most famous and unforgettable clips of English referee Mike Dean

After his retirement.. these are the 5 most famous and unforgettable clips of English referee Mike Dean

Referee Mike Dean officiated his last Premier League match (Robin Jones/Getty)

put the famous sentence, Mike DeanOn Sunday, he officially ended his career, after he managed his last confrontation at the end of the current season’s competitions English Premier League Football, in which Chelsea defeated its opponent, Watford, with two goals to nothing.

And after 22 years as a famous referee in various local tournaments in his country, in which he managed 560 matches in the English Premier League football, but there are 5 clips that sports fans will not forget, for Mike Dean, the 53-year-old, who famous 114 red cards in his career.

  • Happy to score a goal

Aston Villa fans will never forget what referee Mike Dean did on November 2, 2015, when he celebrated the goal scored by former Tottenham star Moussa Dembele, which caused him to be attacked violently at the time, according to Sofoot. French.

  • Joking with the stars

Mike Dean blew his whistle announcing Manchester City’s 6-0 victory over Chelsea on February 10, 2019, but he hid the ball behind his back, when he saw the Argentine striker, Sergio Aguero coming towards him.

Mike Dean put the ball under his shirt, while Sergio Aguero (he scored three goals), asked about it, after which the English referee joked with the Argentine star, and gave him the ball he deserved, as was customary in the history of the “round witch”.

  • nerve control

Mike Dean is famous for his career, as one of the referees, who controls their nerves, no matter how much the players protests, and this is what he did, when he reprimanded Marouane Fellaini, the former Manchester United star, who protested his decisions in the match against West Bromwich in 2014.

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  • A special touch of card routing

Referee Mike Dean enjoyed his special technical touch, when he directed yellow and red cards in the faces of the English Premier League players in the confrontations, which he supervised, by raising his card against any star of any value, without looking at his face at all.

Mike Dean serves no-look yellow to Fraser

Mike Dean is KING of the no look yellow card 🥶

Posted bySoccer AMOn Friday, December 17, 2021

  • motivate players

Mike Dean was finding himself as the fourth referee of the confrontations, and he is known for his great love to encourage and motivate players, who want to enter the matches, and this is what he did with the former Manchester United star, Adnan Januzaj, after his colleague Marcus Rashford left the match against Arsenal in 2016.