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After his success on “Netflix” .. Ahmed Seif “Uncle Nagy” is a leap in my artistic career

After his success on “Netflix” .. Ahmed Seif “Uncle Nagy” is a leap in my artistic career

The young Emirati artist Ahmed Seif established a solid artistic base for himself, after he made a name that became popular among the Gulf audience in particular and the Arab public in general, after his remarkable success in the movie “Uncle Naji” in its parts, achieving great revenues during its presentation in Emirati cinemas.

Saif spread more on an Arab level, after the movie “Uncle Naji” was shown on the widespread “Netflix” platform, which gave Saif access to the audience’s homes, with a high-quality artwork that reflects his importance as an actor with weight and artistic value.

The artist Ahmed Seif says: “In all its parts, the movie “Uncle Naji” constitutes a great energy of light for me as an artist, as he introduced me to people in a way that reflected my artistic capabilities under the management of the brilliant director Ahmed Zain, whose great and important experience was reflected on all the stars of the film, as he gave us the opportunity to highlight our cinematic performance energy. “.

The story of the film revolves around Uncle Naji, who owns a restaurant believed to be “haunted”, which loses his customers, so he uses his grandfather who helps him and opens a project as well, while one of Uncle Naji’s friends is kidnapped, and the events enter the context of action, suspense and excitement until the problems are resolved at the end of the film While the artist Ahmed Seif presents the role of the rebellious friend of Uncle Naji, and shares with him some of the exciting events that the film is going through, which are not without comedy and action.

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It is worth noting that the artist Ahmed Seif started as an actor from the theater, before presenting alone interactive shows belonging to (stand-up comedy), and then achieved a great spread among the audience, which qualified him to be selected in the movie “Uncle Naji” and nominated for upcoming cinematic films. .