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After Liddell and Kaufland! The desired novelty appeared in the application

  • Kaufland has updated its app
  • The new version brings digital receipts

The Kaufland shopping chain has just updated its mobile loyalty app and comes with a new feature that will make shopping easier and save the environment. The new version of the app now supports digital receipts, which means customers can opt for an exclusive digital version of a receipt. The novelty is available to all users who use the Kaufland Card.

In Kaufland Stores 486,000 rolls of receipts are consumed annually. If each of our customers switched to a digital receipt, approximately 154 tons of paper would be saved annually,” Kaufland spokeswoman Renata Meyer said. With this step, Kaufland responds to the growing demand for sustainable and environmental solutions and certainly also to competition. For example, Albert and Lidl have been offering this option for a long time.

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With the new functionality of digital receipts, customers are always at hand. In the app there is a section called “My Purchases” where they are Receipts are clearly sorted by date of purchase. You can save and share them as PDF, but the biggest advantage is that receipts They archive automatically for three years, so you don’t have to waste time looking for old paper receipts. Turning off paper receipt printing is easy. It is enough to turn on the “I just want a digital receipt” option via the sliding button in the app. The new version of the Kaufland app is available for download on Google Play.

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Would you appreciate digital receipts from Kaufland on your mobile phone?

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