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After several previous attempts, NASA sets the date for launching its huge rocket to the moon

After several previous attempts, NASA sets the date for launching its huge rocket to the moon

announced US space agency “NASA” About keeping the previously scheduled date for the launch of its new massive rocket to the moonAfter the recent storm “Nicole” in Florida, the agency also announced two alternative dates in case of emergency.

NASA rocket launch date

And “NASA” indicated that it will keep the date of Wednesday, November 16, as the date for the attempt to launch its new huge rocket “SLS” to the moon, after the audits indicated that Storm “Nicole” in Florida caused only minor damage.

Two alternate dates

According to “Reuters”, “NASA” has also set two other backup dates, on November 19 and 25, for the launch missile In the event that it is unable to take off on Wednesday, according to Assistant Administrator at NASA, Jim Frey, where he said: At the moment we are focused on 16, but if we discover any problem during the power operation and tests, we will have to consider making the attempt on November 19. .

Frey confirmed that nothing prevents the launch on this date, noting that the agency’s teams were able on Thursday, November 10, to reach the launch pad again.

SLS missile

The SLS rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built by the US Space Agency, will take off at 1.04 am on November 16 local time (06:04 GMT), with a two-hour launch window.

The mission will take 25 and a half days

The rocket is scheduled to launch the unmanned Orion capsule to the moon without landing on its surface, and if the take-off takes place on time, i.e. Wednesday, this mission, which is the first in the large American “Artemis” program to return to the moon, will take 25 and a half days. A day, the returning capsule will land in the Pacific Ocean on December 11 next.

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The agency had inserted its huge missile into the building at the end of September to protect it from any other hurricane, but it was taken out again a few days before “Nicole” passed.

“Artemis” program

The new “NASA” program “Artemis” will allow humans to return to the moon, and transfer the first woman and the first people of color to it, in the year 2025 at the earliest, and “NASA” intends to establish a permanent human presence on the moon, including building a space station in its orbit. This step would later allow for a first trip to Mars.

In 2017, this lunar campaign was approved by Space Policy Directive No. 1, to benefit from various space programs such as the Orion program, the lunar orbital platform portal, and lunar commercial payload services, in addition to a lunar lander that has not yet been developed. The SLS will be the primary launch rocket for the Orion capsule, while commercial launch vehicles are planned to launch various other elements of the campaign. NASA has requested $1.6 billion in additional funding for Artemis for fiscal year 2020.

The Artemis program aims to establish a sustainable human presence on the The surface of the moonThe astronauts’ crews eventually spend weeks there and thus serve as a training ground for the journey to Mars.

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