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الممثل الأمريكي كيفن سبيسي

After sexual accusations, why did actor Kevin Spacey announce travel to Britain?

American actor Kevin Spacey has volunteered to travel to Britain to face accusations of sexual abuse of 3 men.

According to the American newspaper, “The New York Times”, “Spacey” said that he will travel to Britain to be formally charged by the authorities, without having to face extradition procedures.
Last week, the public prosecutor’s office in London announced charges of sexual assault against three men and forcing a fourth to engage in non-consensual sexual activity, but British laws state that Spacey cannot be charged unless he is in England.
On Good Morning America, Spacey’s agent announced that the American actor will travel to Britain to defend himself.
The agent released a statement on Spacey, saying: “While I am disappointed by their decision to proceed with the charges, I will voluntarily appear in the UK as soon as possible and defend myself against these charges, confident that they will prove my innocence.”

The newspaper pointed out that the alleged events date back to March 2005, August 2008 and April 2013.
During those years, Spacey was artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theatre, where all but one incident from 2013, which occurred in Gloucestershire in England, took place in London.
The Metropolitan Police said one of the men was now in his 40s and the other two were in their 30s, but did not give their exact ages, while a spokesman for Britain’s Public Prosecution Office declined to comment on Tuesday.
The first person to publicly accuse Spacey of physical assault was actor Anthony Rapp, in 2017, who accused Spacey of assaulting him when he was 14, and the case is still before US courts.

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