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After shaving her hair, a controversy over the psychological state of Sherine Abdel Wahab


Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites, after she appeared with a shaved head, in her first concert after her separation from singer and distributor Hossam Habib.

The audience asked about the motives that made Sherine Abdel Wahab She shaves her hair completely, and many speculated that she suffers psychological trauma and depression after her separation from her husband.

Sherine had asked her audience, during the ceremony, which was held in Abu Dhabi, to “accept her as it is,” noting that she “improved with her new appearance.”

In response to questions about the role of the singer’s psychological state on her decision to cut her hair, Rasha Al-Jundi, a professor of psychiatry at Beni Suef University, told “Sky News Arabia” that “excessiveness in anything is wrong, even if it is feelings of love, because if it is more than normal, it turns out.” to attach.”

She added: “In the case of attachment, when a separation occurs between the two parties for any reason, the reaction is exaggerated.”

I advised a teacher PsychiatryIt is necessary for the individual to train himself in “moderation of feelings, especially in love, whether for a husband, son or friend.”

With regard to the case of Abdel Wahab, the soldier denied that the Egyptian artist was suffering from a condition DepressionShe said, “A person with depression cannot work and sing, because this disease makes a person unable to do anything.”

She concluded her speech by saying: “What the Egyptian artist is going through may be a kind of challenge and steadfastness, as she is resisting so that she does not get depressed, and there may be other reasons.”

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Abdel Wahab had issued an official statement, confirming her separation from Hussam HabibKeeping the reasons to themselves.

And the statement she issued on her Facebook page stated: “The star Sherine Abdel Wahab resolves the controversy over her separation from Hossam Habib… and confirms the official divorce.”