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هدى المفتي

After she topped the social networking sites, Hoda Al-Mufti increased the confusion of the Wig audience with a new video | news

Actress Hoda Al-Mufti’s name tops the trend list of social networking sites for the second day in a row, after rapper Wiggs released his new song “Al-Bakht”.

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Wiggs’ audience linked his sad song, which talks about his attempt to be associated with a girl who rejected his love, and Hoda Al-Mufti, who recently co-starred with him in the “Bimbo” series, and they appeared together in some pictures recently.

And Hoda Al-Mufti, through the feature of the storyboards for her account on Instagram, published a video that she took of herself while listening to the song “Al-Bakht”.

Wiggs reposted the video without comment

It is noteworthy that Hoda Al-Mufti and Wiggs participated in the series “Bimbo” from the works of the original Shahid VIP platform, produced by the Meem Circle Creative Company and the Film Factory, starring Ahmed Malik and a large number of guests of honor and new faces, written by Mohamed Adib and a number of young writers, and co-directing. Amr Salama and Omar Rushdi in directing episodes of the series.

Hoda Al-Mufti and Wiggs

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