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بعد إثارتها الجدل.. لماذا تم حذف صوت إيمان العاصي من أغنية فيلم "فارس"؟ (خاص)

After sparking controversy, why was Iman Al-Asi’s voice deleted from the song?

05:15 PM

Sunday 15 May 2022

Books- Mustafa Hamza:

The artist, Iman Al-Assi, sparked widespread controversy after her disavowal of the propaganda song for the movie “Fares”, which was presented by the producing company, via YouTube, entitled “I am Tamam”, and bore the artist’s name with the participation of rapper Shaheen.

The artist Ahmed Taha, who supervises the implementation of the songs of the film, said in a special statement to “Masrawy”, that he revealed the scenes of what happened, and said: “In the beginning, I would like to confirm our appreciation for the artist, Iman Al-Assi, as a very wonderful actress, and we were pleased with her presence in the film.”

He continued, “What happened is that the artist, Iman Al-Asi, had already recorded the song with her voice, but after that, we did not find what was required of the work to be achieved, and from here it was necessary to search for an alternative solution, and indeed, the young singer Haila, re-recorded, and presented her voice.”

In response to a question about the reason for the release of the song, bearing the name of the artist, Iman Al-Asi, and not the singer, he replied, “The presence of the artist’s name, Iman Al-Asi, because of her participation in the clip that was presented, and for the singer Haila, her name was placed within the work team, in the description of the song, It has not been ignored.”

Taha added: “The song is a promotional song for the movie, starring the artist Iman Al-Asi, and is not a separate clip. It was released with the aim of profiting, and he explained here that deleting the artist’s voice was also out of concern and fear for her.”

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Fares movie starring Ahmed Zaher, Iman Al-Asi, Hussein Fahmy, Nihal Anbar, Ahmed Safwat, Malak Ahmed Zaher, Abed Anan, the Lebanese Pamela El-Kik, and guest of honor Salah Abdullah. Directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.