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After stopping its broadcasts in Algeria after indecent scenes, a Tunisian channel stopped the series "Love of Kings"

After stopping its broadcasts in Algeria after indecent scenes, a Tunisian channel stopped the series “Love of Kings”

After it provoked controversy in Algeria, and stirred a wave of great resentment among the audience two days ago due to scenes that were considered to affect the sanctity of the holy month, the audio-visual control authority in Algeria ordered the administration of the Algerian Al-Nahar channel to stop broadcasting the Tunisian-Algerian series “Love”

Kings”, the Tunisian Hannibal channel decided, in turn, on Tuesday to stop broadcasting the series on its screen.

In a statement, the Tunisian channel expressed its respect for the decision to stop broadcasting the series in Algeria.

In a statement, Hannibal Channel stated, “In accordance with the decision of the competent Algerian authority to temporarily stop the broadcast of the series Love of Kings, which is produced and broadcast by Hannibal channel with the Algerian Al-Nahar channel, Hannibal Channel: Expressing its respect for this decision, it affirms that respect for the principles of family, society and moral values ​​are among the controls. The main line of her editorial line, and she is always keen that her Ramadan productions, including the series “Love of Kings,” are compatible with the peculiarities of this holy month and the expectations of families in it.

The channel expressed its pride and adherence to the Tunisian-Algerian partnership in the TV drama production, which resulted in many high-end and distinguished works that were broadcast on the Algerian Hannibal Channel and the Algerian Al-Nahar and Al-Shorouk channels.

And the statement added, “In solidarity with the Algerian Al-Nahar channel, Hannibal TV announces the temporary suspension of broadcasting the new episodes of the series Hob Moluk, starting from tonight and resuming it with Al-Nahar TV on Sunday, April 17, 2022.”

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Before that, the Algerian channel “An-Nahar” expressed its apology to its viewers for the “inappropriate” clips broadcast in one of the episodes of the series “Love of Kings”, which sparked widespread controversy in the country.

The channel said in a statement that it “speaks to its valued viewers, with its sincere apologies and regrets for the inappropriate footage that was broadcast in one of the episodes of the “Love of Kings” series during the holy month.”

She added that she “assures the audience of her loyal followers that the scene that includes these footage was broadcast inadvertently.”

She stressed that she “did not intend to offend her viewers, whom she respects all and is keen to observe the values ​​of Algerians.”

And she concluded: “After this, the Annahar administration announces that it has decided to stop broadcasting the series now, until it is reviewed, episode by episode.”

The series “Love of Kings” is considered one of the most important Ramadan works shown on Algerian television channels, and it is a Tunisian production, directed by Tunisian director Nasr El-Din Sohaili and filmed in Tunisia.

The controversy has reached the Friday sermons

The television work brings together a group of prominent Tunisian and Algerian actors, led by well-known actress Mina Lachtar, Mourad Ougit, Ahmed Zitouni and Souad Sobki from Algeria. From Tunisia, actresses Mona Noureddine, Jamal Al-Madani, Fathi Al-Maslamani, Chadli Al-Arfawi, Maryam Ben Mami and Firas Al-Obeidi.

The work is adapted from the Turkish series Al-Ashq Al-Fakher, and tells in a comic form the story of an aristocratic family that lives through many events and conflicts.

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The series became public and private talk on social media platforms in Algeria, due to the bold scenes that it began showing after the fifth episode.

The controversy reached Friday sermons, where imams of some mosques referred to the content of Ramadan programs that are shown through private channels, and called on the authorities to intervene to stop what they considered a violation of the values ​​of society.

The content of the series became a subject of debate in the parliament, where Parliamentarian Ezz El-Din Zahouf asked the Minister of Communications a written question regarding the broadcast of such series during the month of Ramadan.