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After the 5G launch, the aircraft will remain on the ground.  Airline managers are concerned about aviation safety

After the 5G launch, the aircraft will remain on the ground. Airline managers are concerned about aviation safety

Managers of major American airlines have warned of an impending air transport crisis that could reach catastrophic proportions. According to the airlines, the launch of the new service could mean carriers won’t be able to use many of their planes over long distances, according to Reuters.

The grounding of planes would mean that tens of thousands of Americans would stay abroad and there would be chaos in American air travel. “If our major airports are not ready to fly, most passengers and cargo will remain on the ground,” the chiefs of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and others warned in the letter. It was sent to White House National Economic Council Director Brian Dees, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Federal Aviation Administration Chairman Steve Dixon, and FCC Jessica Rosenworsel. In their opinion, some measures should be taken, because trade in the country can stop completely.

The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that the new network could cause interference that would affect sensitive aircraft instruments, such as altimeters, and significantly reduce low visibility. He added that he will continue to work to ensure that travel is safe even as mobile operators introduce the 5G network. It is working with carriers and mobile operators to reduce delays and cancellations regarding the introduction of 5G.

Telecom operators AT&T and Verizon auctioned nearly all of their C-band spectrum in early January. They also agreed to delay the launch of the service for another two weeks due to aviation safety concerns due to the previous 30-day delay. This postponement is valid until Wednesday. It also claims that C-band 5G has been successfully deployed in about 40 other countries without problems with aviation interference.

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Airlines are asking not to deploy 5G networks at some important airports about 3.2 kilometers from the runways.

One of the potential problems could be Boeing 777 aircraft, and the airline told Reuters there are concerns that these planes, as well as some Boeing trucks, will be able to land at some US airports after the launch of fifth-generation services. So they’re calling at least to make sure 5G isn’t launched in places where telecom towers are too close to runways until the FAA decides everything is safe.

On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it has allowed about 45 percent of the US commercial airline fleet to land with low visibility at several airports where the C-band 5G network will be launched, and it also expects to issue more permits. However, airlines cautioned on Monday that the list does not include many large airports.