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After the British... a French journalist analyzes the strength of a personality with his past

After the British… a French journalist analyzes the strength of a personality with his past

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The famous French writer and media figure, Gilbert Pribois, praised the coach of the Algerian national team, Djamel Belmadi, as the password for the return of the desert warriors to the right path in the past few years, for the strength of his personality and his ability to impose all the meanings of strictness and discipline in the room. Dressing up.

And the football analyst excelled in explaining what he did and presented with his past since he took over the technical helm, following the disappointment of running for the 2018 World Cup, in addition to the shocking results in the 2017 African Nations Championship, setting an example with his bold decision, to finally abandon a player with the talent of Andy Delors, for his lack of commitment. In the national team camp, and also a deterrent punishment for his apology for representing the Greens before “Cannes” Egypt 2019.

Preboa said on the “Afterfoot” program, in a special paragraph explaining the great transformation in the performance and results of the Algerian team in the Belmadi era, that the coach’s strictness with Taylor made everyone, without exception, review themselves and their behavior before buying the coach’s hostility in one way or another, and this is what made him He appears in the image of the first star of the national team, despite the presence of a glut of stars with illustrious names, led by captain Riyad Mahrez.

It was learned from coach Roland Corbis, who supervised Jamal in his professional career as a player, that he had a leadership personality and a rare fighting spirit, like a warrior who does not recognize the word defeat in his dictionary, as well as his talents and technical qualifications, which appear in the clear development of Algeria’s performance at the level Collective and individual, as demonstrated in a practical way, by reviving the career of names such as Youssef Belaili, Jamal Belamari and others, while explaining why the Greens succeeded in threatening Italy’s record.

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This analysis came, less than 48 hours after the tweet published by British journalist Tok Clark through his account on the “Twitter” platform, during which he indicated that he learned when Saeed bin Rahma was close to joining his country’s camp, because he appeared in his natural hair color, contrary to what appears. Every week with West Ham, he even said in the text, “You can tell that Benrahma is going to his national team by his hairstyle.”

It is known that Ben Rahma, Mahrez and the rest of the stars who change their hairstyle and hair color every week, stop this habit before obtaining a visa to go to the Algerian national team camp, in implementation of the coach’s instructions in order to maintain focus on the field only.

The Algerian team will start the journey to defend the African title against Sierra Leone in the opening matches of the fifth group of the CAN Championship, which will be held in Cameroon next week, after which it will clash with Equatorial Guinea and then Ivory Coast in the decisive meeting at the top of the group.