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After the end of the Arab Cup .. Qatar Club reveals the real reasons for the termination of the Algerian Belaili contract (video)


Qatar club confirmed that the club’s failure to issue any statement about the confusion that revolved around the termination of Youssef Belaili’s contract, was out of respect for the Algerian national team’s participation in the Arab Cup and its arrival in the final rounds.

Faisal Al-Shuaibi, CEO of Qatar Club, explained the details of the termination of Balaili’s contract, in an intervention with the Qatari “Al-Kas” channel, indicating that there was a discussion with the player at the end of last season and he requested a financial increase in the contract, and the club did not have the ability to increase the player’s contract at the time, and asked To move to another club at the beginning of the season, but the contract was not suitable for the club.

Al-Shuaibi added: The player performed in Qatar club not up to the level of ambitions, unlike his participation with his team in the Arab Cup, and we agreed with the player to sit with him after the end of the tournament to reach solutions.

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Two days before the final

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After the goal of excluding Qatar .. Blaili's father reveals the reason for the termination of his son's contract

Al-Shuaibi indicated that “the player’s father, Youssef Blaili, contacted Qatar Club before the Al Annabi team match with the Algerian national team in the semi-finals and sat with us to end the contract in a friendly manner and said that his son had an opportunity to professionalize in Europe and wished the club management to support him, and the club’s management sat with the technical staff and we made a decision By sitting with the player after the end of the tournament and the termination of his contract, but the player came to us one day after our team’s match with Algeria, and we reached a solution by terminating the player’s contract.”

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Al-Shuaibi revealed that Blaili offered an amount to the club and waived some dues, and we saw that the offer was good for the club and the player.

He pointed out that Blaili has a problem with his former club, Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia, which has not ended yet, and thanked the Saudi club for their understanding and for not going to FIFA because of their respect for the player’s contract with Qatar Club, explaining that the player must pay an amount to the Saudi Al-Ahly Club to solve this crisis.

Al-Shuaibi wished the player success, saying: We benefited from his presence and his exit and wish him success in his career.

It is noteworthy that the Algerian national football team was crowned champion of the Arab Football Cup “Qatar 2021” after defeating its Tunisian counterpart with two clean goals in the final match that brought them together yesterday, Saturday, on the grounds of the World Cup “Al-Bayt” stadium in front of 60,000 spectators.