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After the last setback, the Duma is considering summoning the Russian Defense Minister

After the recent retreat suffered by the Russian forces in Ukraine and the loss of territory to Saleh Ukrainian forcesThe Russian parliament is considering summoning Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for questioning in a closed session.

Senior deputy in the Russian parliament, Sergei Mironov, revealed that the State Duma will discuss the matter next Monday, according to the Russian newspaper, “Kommersant”, today, Thursday.

Mironov had said in a tweet on Wednesday that his “Russia Only” party had proposed holding a meeting with Shoigu “so that the deputies could talk to him behind closed doors and ask all the questions that concern us and the citizens.”

Kharkiv lost

It is noteworthy that the Russian forces were publicly criticized by military commentators this week after losing control of large parts of the Ukrainian Kharkiv region to a lightning advance by Ukrainian forces.

Map published by the Russian Ministry of Defense

The map of the Kharkiv region, which was presented by the Russian Defense Ministry during its daily briefing last Sunday, showed a large withdrawal of the Russian army from this region.

The map displayed in the briefing video released by the ministry indicated that the Russian army no longer controls, on Sunday, only a small part of the territory located in the east of the Kharkiv region behind the Oskol River.

Russian withdrawal

On Saturday, the Russian military announced that it had “withdrawn” its forces from the Balaklya and Izyum regions in eastern Ukraine, where Kyiv reported progress in its counter-offensive, with the aim of “regrouping” them near Donetsk, one of the capitals of pro-Russian separatists.

A destroyed Russian tank in Kharkiv (Reuters)

A destroyed Russian tank in Kharkiv (Reuters)

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It is noteworthy that the control of urban centers such as Kobyansk and Izyum may constitute a major blow to Russia’s ability to deliver supplies to its front-line positions in the east, which would greatly reduce Russian control over eastern Ukraine, after important progress made by Moscow last spring. , before its progress diminished this summer, amid great international support for Kiev with advanced equipment and weapons.