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After the position of "mayor", a Moroccan seeks to be prime minister of Britain

After the position of “mayor”, a Moroccan seeks to be prime minister of Britain

This new position is the culmination of a long journey, as Toozal was born and raised in Queens Park, and was elected after winning labor Party In this year’s local elections and grab it Westminster municipality From the hand of conservatives, after being a preserve of them for more than 20 years.

His political career began as soon as he first became involved with a city council Westminster When he was 16 years old, he became a Member of Parliament for his youth constituency.

After a year in office, he joined the Labor Party before being chosen to replace Chancellor Barry Taylor in the same district. In 2018, he was officially elected as a member of Westminster, becoming the youngest member in the history of a city council. Today, the young man expanded the horizons of his dreams and achieved what he never expected.

I did not believe the news of my nomination for the position or my election. It was a defining surprise in my life and an achievement of which I am proud.” Hamza Tawzal The moment he assumed the position of mayor of the “Sky News Arabia” website“.

He adds: “I am very proud to be the first person from the minority and the first Muslim to hold this position. It is an extraordinary achievement and the culmination of years of hard work to ensure that all people are represented and their interests are defended.“.

The new mayor, who has become today the “first citizen” in his city, seeks to strengthen the link between the municipality and the residents of the area, because he believes that “it is important that the largest possible number of people participate in the activities taking place in the city.”“.

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“Forgotten Neighborhoods and Youth”

“I want to go out and meet the community more,” says Touzal. “I intend to be in areas where the mayor is not usually seen. I really want to chart the change I always dreamed of, so I will be the voice of ordinary people.”“.

It is known that the municipality, where he assumes his duties, is the richest in the world Britainbecause it includes Parliament, the Queen’s Palace and the headquarters of the Government.

During his tenure, which does not exceed one year, the young man who has just obtained a master’s degree in international affairs will be entrusted with the functions of chairing the council meeting, representing the city and its residents at home and abroad, and chairing meetings to be held with charities, local voluntary organizations, companies, authorities and diplomatic representatives.

Touzal also places youth at the center of his interests, saying: “I am keen to help local youth charities, so I am looking forward to visiting as many youth clubs, local organizations and charities as possible, so that they can participate in this very special year. I want to hear young people and extend a helping hand to them. to reach their voice“.

Appointed to the post of Prime Minister

After this achievement, which he achieved and occupied public opinion, politicians and the press, Touzal seeks to expand his ambitions and not be satisfied with the current achievement only..

In response to a question about his political future, he told Sky News Arabia: “I aspire to become the Prime Minister of Britain. Certainly, it requires years of work and gradation in positions, but it is not impossible.”

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He concludes his speech by saying in a Moroccan accent: “I want to remain a symbol and pride in the eyes of the minority that I represent. I was very happy with the large number of congratulatory messages that I received from Moroccans and Arabs in general. I am linked to Morocco and have a strong relationship with my identity, and I also speak Moroccan dialect although I I do not do it well”.