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After the ruble condition, Russia cuts gas supplies to two European countries

After the ruble condition, Russia cuts gas supplies to two European countries

The Polish oil and gas group BG Neg said on Tuesday evening that the Russian gas giant “Gazprom” had informed it that, starting from Wednesday, it would stop its exports to Poland via the Yamal pipeline, which it operates.

In a statement, the group said, “On April 26, I informed B.J. Nig of Gazprom to suspend all deliveries stipulated in the framework of the Yamal contract,” noting that Poland is ready to secure its gas needs from other sources.

Poland’s Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskva said her country’s energy supply was “safe” despite the Russian decision.

The minister added that “there is no need to withdraw from gas reserves,” and that “supplies to Polish customers will not be interrupted.”

The minister in charge of energy security said in Poland Pyotr Naimsky, said that flows from other directions will replace the supplies of “Gazprom”, adding that the contract for “Yamal” expires in any case next December.

Gazprom said it had not suspended its gas supplies to Poland, but made clear that Warsaw would have to pay for gas under its new payment system, apparently referring to payment in rubles.

Russia had demanded that “unfriendly” countries pay the Russian currency for gas, or risk supply disruptions.

But Poland has confirmed that it will not pay in rubles for Russian gas.

Warsaw was working on independence from Russian energy resources, and it was planned to end its dependence on Russian gas this year.

Later, the Bulgarian Energy Ministry said that “Gazprom” had notified the state-owned gas company in Sofia that it would stop gas supplies from Wednesday.

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The ministry said it has taken steps to find alternative arrangements for natural gas supplies, adding that the new payment program proposed by “Gazprom” constitutes a breach of the existing contract.

She said that “there is no need at the present time to impose restrictions on gas consumption”, in the Balkan country, which meets more than 90 percent of its gas needs with imports from “Gazprom”.