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After the "sausage" speech, Johnson denies fighting with Macron: G7 leaders are "in a wonderful harmony"

After the “sausage” speech, Johnson denies fighting with Macron: G7 leaders are “in a wonderful harmony”

LONDON, United Kingdom (CNN) – As the fall of Britain’s exit from the European Union continues to cast a shadow over other issues, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has erased a series of statements with French President Emmanuel Macron on a trade deal at the G7 summit … , England.

Speaking at a news conference to conclude the summit, Johnson said “the majority of the conversations were on other topics and there was a” wonderful similarity “about climate change and the COVID-19 vaccine.

But the day before, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb described Macron’s views on Northern Ireland as “offensive”, with the British media reporting on Saturday that Macron had suggested that Northern Ireland was not part of the United Kingdom during the summit.

The British media broke the news when Macron and Johnson asked if they could accept a ban on the transport of sausages from Toulouse to Paris to compare the ban on sausages from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland.

British media reported at the time that the French president had said there was no comparison because Toulouse and Paris were in the same country, while the Elysee palace referred to the macro location of Macron.

At the summit, Johnson said the UK shares “common interests” with US President Joe Biden in areas such as climate change, women’s education, and the “improvement” of infrastructure and technology.

Johnson said they “agree very much” on the Green initiative, and that they share “many policy goals.”

He continued, “The job of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is to follow the President of the United States.”

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At the start of the match against Croatia in the European Nations Cup (Euro), Johnson avoided the question of whether he would move on his knees if he was invited to play for the English football team after the team was shouted at by sections of the fans. 2000), Sunday. After some players landed on their knees.

“Everyone should cheer for the England team,” Johnson said, adding that he had no chance of playing for England.