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أبطال مسلسل دنيا تانية

After the scene of “incest” .. the director of “A second world” reveals the latest developments in the crisis

Ahmed Abdel-Aal, director of the series “Donia Tania”, starring Egyptian star Laila Elwi, revealed the latest developments in the “incest” scene.

And the Supreme Media Council in Egypt had issued a decision to stop showing the first episode of the series because of a controversial scene that included the betrayal of Laila Elwi’s husband with her sister, stressing that the episode did not obtain a permit from the censorship of artistic works, and that it was broadcast by fraud.

In turn, the director of the series announced, on his Facebook page, the end of the crisis with censorship, and wrote: “The family of the series (Dunia Tania) thanks Dr. Khaled Abdel-Jalil for his keen interest in the appearance of the series in an appropriate manner, and it was agreed with Dr. Khaled, the book and the director of the work on The dramatic lines are in dispute, and we, as makers, affirm our full confidence in the Egyptian censorship led by Dr. Khaled Abdel-Jalil, and his keenness on the values ​​of society in light of the new republic of our country.

The decision of the Supreme Media Council to ban the first episode of the series, based on an urgent complaint by Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil, head of the censorship of artistic works, who confirmed that the first episode was already monitored, but Al-Nahar channel deceived and broadcast the episode that includes the deleted scenes.

The Council stressed the need for all channels that have the right to broadcast, not to broadcast any work that does not have a license to show, stressing that it will apply the texts contained in its law in the event of violation, which ranges from stopping broadcasting until withdrawing the license of the channel itself if it persists in violations.

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For its part, the Egyptian Al-Nahar channel network decided, on Sunday, to delete the scene of “incest” in the replayed episode, as well as from “Social Media” and all the channel’s platforms, in the interest of values, principles and societal norms.

The network said, in an official statement, that putting the name of the channel in the incident is strange, and the channel has nothing to do with it from near or far, especially since the crisis is complete between censorship of artistic works and the producer of the series.

She added that the episode that contained the scene arrived on the channel about an hour before the show, without any censorship note from the producer indicating that the censorship rejected any scene. The network has requested the censorship of artistic works and the producer of the series to send a censorship report with notes on the work and its episodes, and will comply fully with all comments issued.

The series “Donia Tania” starring Laila Elwi, Mai Selim, Magdy Kamel, Ashraf Zaki, Wafaa Sadiq, Firas Al-Saeed, script and dialogue by Hamdi Al-Tayeh, Amr Moamen, Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, written supervision by Amin Gamal, directed by Ahmed Abdel-Aal.