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After the withdrawal of confidence .. What awaits Imran Khan?

After the withdrawal of confidence .. What awaits Imran Khan?

Parliament announced that “174 members registered their votes in favor of the resolution, and therefore the vote of no-confidence vote was passed.” Omran Khan By majority,” to become the first prime minister to be voted on to be removed from office.

Following the vote on the resolution, Imran Khan left for his residence in Bani Jala, leaving the Prime Minister’s home.

Move to the opposition

Pakistani political analyst Fazl Bangish says that Imran Khan will not accept defeat easily, and he has previously tried to exaggerate the issue that America is behind the end of his government in order to gain popularity, perhaps helping him in the event of an early election.

Bangsh added, to Sky News Arabia, after withdrawing confidence from Khan, that if he does not resign from Parliament, he will lead the opposition against the new government, and he will complete the period of one and a half years, while Shahbaz Sharif will replace the new prime minister.

He noted that in the case of submission Omran Khan Resignation With all members of Parliament from his PTI party, which has 150 seats, we may see the go to early elections.

He added that Pakistan is going through political turmoil at the present time, since Imran Khan said that foreign powers were behind the overthrow of his “democratically elected” government.

No room for maneuver

For his part, the expert on Pakistan affairs, Muhammad al-Akkad, who resides in Islamabad, said that Imran Khan’s room for maneuver was narrow, and his options were limited, so he had no choice but to submit his resignation or return again to the session of no-confidence in Parliament, which had previously secured the parties Opposition votes needed her.

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He considered that any moves to block the no-confidence would have become unconstitutional and would not bring a result in Khan’s favor, which is what happened and the confidence was withdrawn from him.

Al-Akkad added, to “Sky News Arabia”: “But it is not expected that Imran Khan will respond to the matter easily, and it is expected that Imran and members of his party will submit their resignation from Parliament after the no-confidence, in order to narrow the opposition and create a large vacancy in Parliament seats, as he owns 150 members of Parliament in favor of the Insaf party he heads, which eventually leads to a move towards early elections.

Early elections

As for the Pakistani strategic analyst, Hudhayfa Farid, he expects the country to move towards early elections, which will benefit Imran Khan.

Farid added, to “Sky News Arabia”, that there are two things that will contribute to Khan’s great victory in the early elections, the first is electronic voting, which the opposition refuses to implement, and will be available during the early elections, and the other thing is to grant expatriates the right to vote, which was something that was Replaced by the opposition parties.

Farid noted that the expatriate vote would enable Imran to win the vote of 6 million people, as Imran Khan promised his supporters a strong comeback.