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After undergoing surgery, here are the latest developments in Angham's health condition

After undergoing surgery, here are the latest developments in Angham’s health condition

The Egyptian star Angham was reassured about the details of her health condition and her latest developments after she had recently entered the hospital and underwent an emergency surgery, revealing the nature of her illness, as she made it clear that she did not want to reveal the operation she had recently undergone, as she considered it the first time she had taken this approach, noting that she had performed She had kidney stones removed, had an endoscopy, and hadn’t told anyone.

During a telephone interview with the Egyptian media, Amr Adib, on his “Al-Hekaya” program, Angham spoke about her health condition in her first comment after undergoing a recent delicate surgery. The operation is a health problem that causes shortness of breath.

Angham said that the matter began with her since 2011 after she was injured, but did not undergo surgery, as she received cortisone treatment, and then the matter worsened after that due to a wrong movement from her to extend the pain with her in the shoulder and her hand in the past years, and added that she later discovered that she had a tumor. Levi’s finger is what made him not move.

Angham expressed her sadness because she was postponing the surgery and avoiding undergoing it, but then discovered that there was a severed tendon in her hand, and then another tendon on the verge of laceration, which also threatened her nerves besides her inability to move her finger.

And Angham continued, during her phone call with Amr Adib, that she was performing concerts while she was in pain and all the time living in pain, to the point that she could no longer sleep because of him, and she refused to get painkillers because of the effect on her voice and standing on the stage.

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The star, Angham, stated that the surgery lasted for an hour, noting that the doctor told her that there was also bleeding in the place of her injury, and added that she suffered a lot because she was afraid to undergo surgeries, and the pain was causing her shortness of breath as well, explaining that she would spend several days in a recovery period As a physical therapy, the bandage will remain on her shoulder for 6 weeks.

Angham indicated that she had previously undergone 3 operations in a month and a half because of the kidneys and did not tell the public at the time, but this time she revealed the operation because of her desire to obtain the public’s support because she feels that she needs psychological support, while expressing her happiness with the public’s interest in her and praying for her Which affected her positively in her psychological state, and she said that she performed her concert in Kuwait the night before undergoing the surgery.