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After winning the gold .. Nabila Alaa: I am proud of the victory and I hope to raise the flag of Egypt in any international tournament

After winning the gold .. Nabila Alaa: I am proud of the victory and I hope to raise the flag of Egypt in any international tournament

Ilham Abdulaziz

Posted on: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 – 11:44 AM | Last update: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 – 12:03 PM

The two players, Nabila Alaa El Din and Mai Khaled, won two gold medals, during the participation of the national team for the muay thai game, for the first time in the world championship that was held in the United Arab Emirates from May 26 to June 5.

Al-Shorouk contacted the gold medalist, Nabila Aladdin, to tell about the details of the tournament and the Muay Thai game in Egypt.

Nabila says, I practiced martial arts because I love this type of sport, in addition to my desire to improve my physical fitness.

And she continued, Muay Thai is a difficult game and at the same time very sweet, but it needs a full time to improve the level and reach the championship, in addition to that it has no conditions that anyone can play.

And she continued, “At first, I found it difficult to practice and play the game, but with the continued practice and play, it became easier and more beautiful.”

She stated that the tournament she won was very strong, with about 72 countries participating in it, all of them in competition for positions, and the atmosphere of the tournament was more than wonderful, as she described it.

And she continued: “After receiving the gold medal, my feeling was indescribable and I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness, as I was very proud of myself, and the most important moment in the tournament was the flag salute, and it was the most waiting position to happen.”

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Nabila explained that this competition was the first international participation in her life, while she participated in many competitions in Egypt and won first place as well.

And about the family’s role in her life, Nabila says: My family was my first supporter, especially my father, and he was very excited and sure that I would reach my goal one day, as my sister was my second supporter in the family, and perhaps without her I would not have reached this success.

She continued, “The Muay Thai game is very strong, because it is a bit dangerous, but in Egypt there are many heroes, and I expect this game to become very popular one day, as it is no less than other combat games, but rather stronger.”

She indicated her keenness to develop herself and her desire to develop the future of the muay thai game in Egypt, stressing that she will always be ready to participate in any international tournament held in any country, to raise the flag of Egypt in any international tournament.